Zero Gravity  

Darlan Rosa does is a remake of the installation Zero Gravity, held in 2009 in Brookfield Place, the financial heart of Toronto, Canada.
This is a street whose sides are connected by a dome of glass and steel. The structure was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.
Darlan also created especially for this exhibition at Casa Thomas Jefferson, digital paintings and sculptures of small format.

"The pieces presented in this show were conceived within a cenariun without gravity, invisibly encoded as sequences of 0s and 1s. The artist uses a 3D animation software for the preparation of imagined reality within the world of computers, or virtual reality. Within the areas Zero Gravity, Darlan articulates positive matrices that can be (re) constructed in the tangible world, despite never cease to exist as devices or simulaculos. Darlan certainly benefits from the skill with which computer screens convey similarity. However, at this stage by producing the images do not seem to be priority concerns. virtual sketches are drawn with a digital pen, which follows the change in the architecture by using software equipped with the principles of construction standards as a drafting tool. In this digital environment, more iImportantly, the artist creates a series of mathematical instructions that once read by another machine, produce the material objects with which he makes art. "

Cristina Rosa

Art Galery Casa Thomas Jefferson - SEP Sul EQ 706/906 Conj. B | Brasília-DF